Now available: English Translation of the concise Facilitation Book of Jutta Weimar

Facilitation is the art of building contact, focus and binding commitment in groups.
Facilitation provides spaces for dialogues in which fresh thoughts can be developed and decisions can be made that are supported by everyone. This way profound change processes become possible.
In this concise manual, Jutta Weimar provides a compact, systematic overview of what is important for facilitators in practice to achieve exactly this. She describes both methods and the fundamental attitude that are essential for mobilizing collective intelligence, getting processes up and running effectively, and anchoring them sustainably. This opens up spaces in change processes in which all participants can become more involved.
The guide provides plenty of practical examples from Jutta Weimar’s wealth of experience, especially in relation to the international quality guidelines, provides support for practical implementation and also shows how other methods can be effectively incorporated as well. Discover the opportunities of this approach – and be curious about what happens!

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Jutta Weimar
The Art of Building Contact, Focus and Binding Commitment in Groups

Paperback, 169 p.: £ 18,90
Kindle Edition: £ 8,49

ISBN: 3758301041