I invite you to explore on these pages our Facilitation Academy program.

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Jutta Weimar, Berlin

FACILITATION is the Art of developing Contact, Focus and binding Commitment in Groups

  • to develop fresh ideas together in dialogue
  • in order to realize decisions and binding agreements supported by everyone
  • to enable profound change and transformation processes in companies, organizations or networks

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Now available: English Translation  of the concise Facilitation Book of Jutta Weimar

“If anyone has thought through the topic of facilitation, it is Jutta Weimar, who can also explain exactly how the approach differs from others, e.g. moderation. All of this in an easily digestible form, poured into eight principles, action-oriented, wonderfully illustrated. A good orientation for anyone who wants to reflect on and develop their craft.
Holger Nauheimer, amazon, 20.5.2021

“Mini manual that succinctly presents the facilitation approach with a high gain in information and knowledge.”
Martina Cyriax, Training aktuell, 11/2021

“[A] clear, logically structured work that is broken down to the elementary core points of the method […] and has the potential to give many interested readers insights into the framing, but also into the exact overall process flow of the method, across all sectors.”
Katharina Meyer, socialnet.de, 21.3.2022

„The world we live in is determined by the quality of our encounters” Martin Buber. This quote starts the book “Facilitation. The Art of Building Contact, Focus and Binding Commitment in Groups” by a German specialist, trainer and practicioner for more than 25 years, Jutta Weimar of Berlin. I had the pleasure and honor to be trained with her many years ago to become an Open Space Technology Facilitator […].
Linking many schools of thought and developing her own methodology makes this book an absolute MUST-READ for any facilitator. Jutta is absolutely brilliant in this primer for practicioners (translated from German by Albrecht Schürhoff, cover design by Solveig Weimar).
José Arthur Vasconcellos

You can order the book through your local bookshop or online:
BOOK ON DEMAND (German Website)


Current Dates in the Academy

from 5 June 2024: Facilitation Basics Online, in four modules
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16./ 17. September: Leadership Embodiment Training, Level 1
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9 – 11 October 2024: Managing a Future Search. A Learning Workshop with Sandra Janoff and Michael Donnelly
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14/15 October 2024: P-10 Facilitation for Leading Meetings that matter, with S. Janoff and M. Donnelly
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16 October 2024: FS Learning Exchange, with S. Janoff and M. Donnelly
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12 November 2023, 17:45h, Special Occasion: Chanting Circle (with Djalan/ Pierre Goirand)

The participation in the meetups is usually free of charge.

Next International Facilitation Week: Autumn 2024