IAF EME Conference Berlin 2023«Entering brave(‌r) spaces – facilitating beyond beaten tracks.»How can we recognize barriers to participation and find ways of addressing them? 

Dear participants,

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The IAF conference in Berlin will be an opportunity for us facilitators to share ideas, learn, and expand our knowledge, to network and collaborate.

We are inviting to enter brave(r) spaces: spaces where we can challenge our preconceptions (conscious and/or unconscious stereotypes and biases) we hold about the world, acknowledging inequalities and asymmetries of power – in groups and among people generally – and exploring what it means for us. Neither have we invented the concept of brave(r) spaces, nor are we experts or have ultimate answers to the questions arising. But we choose to refer to the concept of brave spaces to offer a broad framework which serves our felt need to address dynamics of privileges and disempowerment in groups and the implications for our practice.




In our rapidly changing world we are facing emerging fundamental questions on the way we live together on this planet and on how we find a way towards a more sustainable and just future for all of us. We need to see and understand power structures around us and find ways to address them. How can we expand our facilitation practice to be more inviting, secure, and powerful for everyone? We often discuss participation and co-creation with our clients – then how can we design processes that ensure everyone feels heard and invited? Power structures may either support or oppose our call for participation and co-creation – how then can we address these issues?

Many important questions to explore…One thing is obvious – we need to start with ourselves, to become more conscious of our privileges and discriminating assumptions (although not intentional) and how they affect our practice. Eventually we need to find a way to create spaces for collective healing and peace. Let’s use our time together and develop this further!

We wish to bring together IAF and other international facilitation communities to move this topic forward and to use the power of facilitation to advance the fundamental questions for our joint future.



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IAF will host the event at Beach Mitte.

Beach Mitte is a unique venue located in the heart of Berlin, right where the Berlin Wall used to divide the city centre up to 1989. Apart from rooms for conferences and meetings, Beach Mitte offers an oasis of healthy activities such as beach volleyball, climbing, among other recreational activities. The Beach Mitte campus also provides a limited contingent of exciting tiny house type accommodation for early bookings.

Conference Fee

    • Lab facilitators will pay the normal fee for the event as a participant and support the IAF’s work
    • Normal fee: 540€ plus VAT 102,60€ (642,6€)
    • Corporate fee: 660€ plus VAT 125,40€ (785,4€)
    • 20% discount off the Conference fee for IAF Members: 432€ plus VAT 82,08€ (514,08€)
    • 20% discount for early bird registration for IAF Members: 336€ plus VAT 63,84€ (399,84€)
    • 20% discount for early bird registration for non-IAF members: 420€ plus VAT 79,8€ (499,8€)

ATTENTION:  early bird tickets for IAF members are sold out!


Jutta Weimar, Barbara Zuber, Anton Mikoleit, Frederik Wortmann, Monika Hejduk and Albrecht Schürhoff (German Chapter)

And we are very happy to announce, that we co-organise a whole 6 days of conferences together with the WOSonOS (World Open Space on Open Space) at the same venue that will take place from 19th —  21st of October (registration is already open).

You can reach us at info@jutta-weimar.de for more information.